Old schematic of esha neighborhood


It's All About the Neighborhood!

We are a vibrant neighborhood located just inside the 610 North Loop.

Last Update: January 17, 2022


Why Should I Become a Member?

Answer: Support the neighborhood, get involved, and feel a sense of community with your neighbors!  Be "in the know" by checking the website regularly, attending quarterly meetings, reading the newsletter, and adding your email to the neighborhood Yahoo! Group. Membership will also provide you with voting rights when we make decisions as an association and with the association's funds.  

How do I become a member and how much does it cost?

Answer: You can send a check for $20.00 (Home Owner, Business Owner or Renter) ; $15.00 (Senior Homeowner, 65+) to:  ESHA Dues 908 E 23rd St. Houston, TX 77009  Please include the 2017 ESHA Membership Application form (download using the button at the bottom of this page) along with payment: Please make checks payable to: East Sunset Heights Association

How are ESHA funds used?

Answer: Social events that build a sense of community, including costs associated with the National Night Out, the Holiday Party, and the Annual BBQ at the Rose Garden. Neighborhood improvement projects: We recently obtained a neighborhood sign welcoming traffic to the neighborhood of Sunset Heights and are also hoping to help with a garden project at a local elementary. Other project ideas are welcome!